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avoid, devoid
avoid (uh VOID) (verb)
1. To keep something from happening: Norbert tried very hard to avoid falling down on the icy sidewalk.
2. To stay clear of or away from someone or something: Darius took a detour onto another street to avoid the heavy traffic.
3. To keep from doing something or participating in something: Anton promised that he won't be late; that is, if he can avoid it.
devoid (di VOID) (adjective)
Completely lacking; destitute or empty: The landscape in this area seems to be devoid of any life.

When Freda took the detour to avoid the downtown traffic congestion, she had no idea that she would see a city so devoid of green space.

devoid (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to being empty of or completely without something: After his wife died, Adam felt that his life was devoid of any meaning for him.
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(Old English: -leas, from leas, "free from, devoid of, false, feigned"; suffix meaning "lacking")