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devious (adjective), more devious, most devious
1. Not sincere and honest about one's intentions: The police told the young man to be absolutely truthful and law-abiding and to avoid any devious answers to their questions during the investigation.
2. Referring to something which does not adhere to the proper procedures or standards of behavior: Alice heard that her friend used devious means to get the answers to the test in biology ahead of time.
3. Characteristic of something which is rambling or is roundabout; usually, that which changes directions many times: Because of an accident on the major highway, James had to go home by a devious route.
4. Etymology: from Latin devius, "out of the way"; derived from de, "from" + via, "way".
Departing from the right or proper way.
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Incorrect or straying from one's duty; wrong.
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