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devastate (verb), devastates; devastated; devastating
1. To cause severe or widespread damage to something: The city has been devastated by the floods and hurricanes that have been going on this year.
2. To destroy; to render desolate: The Romans devastated the Greek city.
3. To overwhelm or to overpower people by greatly shocking or upsetting them: The shocking news of the murder was devastating the children who had held onto the hope that their father would still be alive.
4. To cause a person to feel extreme emotional pain and agony: Shirley was devastated by the breakup of her marriage.

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devastating (adjective), more devastating, most devastating
Relating to the cause of great damage or harm: Ebola virus is a severe and devastating disease that consists of internal bleeding and very high fevers which is usually fatal for many people who live mostly in some African countries.
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