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deteriorate (di TIR ee uh rayt") (verb), deteriorates; deteriorated; deteriorating
1. To become or to make something worse or to become less desirable in quality, value, or strength: His prolonged illness caused the father’s muscle strength to deteriorate and to become significantly weaker.

The air quality in this area has deteriorated these last few days because of the brush fires.

2. To diminish or to impair in quality, character, or value: Fran's friend explained that because her car was so old, the resale value had significantly deteriorated.
3. To grow worse in function or condition; to degenerate: The condition of the neighbor's house was deteriorating as a result of so much exposure to the harsh weather that caused the sides of the house to start warping and the paint to peel off.

The patient's physical condition has deteriorated since the operation was performed last week.

4. To weaken or to disintegrate; to decay: Sam left the pile of leaves in the compost to deteriorate and to become fertilizer for the garden in the spring.
To grow worse in quality or value.
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To grow worse in condition or function; to degenerate or to decrease in quality and value. (1)