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desuetude (DES wi tood", DES wee tyood") (s) (noun), desuetudes (pl)
1. A state or condition of inactivity or lack of continued use; with an indication of neglect, disrepair, or inaction: The neighborhood school grounds have fallen into desuetude as a result of a lack of funds to repair the areas around the buildings; including the overgrown weeds and the broken playground equipment.

There are many words from the past that have fallen into desuetude.

2. Etymology: from French désuétude; from Latin desuetudo, from desuetus, the past participle of desuescere, "to put out of use"; from de-, "reversal" + suescere, "to be accustomed".
Discontinued use, practice, or functioning.
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The passing into disuse; such as, a custom.
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A situation composed of inactivity or a lack of continued use; including indications of inactivity, neglect, or disrepair. (2)