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1. Overwhelmed with urgency and anxiety, to the point of losing hope.
2. So drastic, or reckless, as to be suitable only for a last resort.
3. Extremely difficult, serious, or dangerous: "There is a desperate shortage of food and water in many parts of the world."
4. Wanting, or needing, something very much.
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desperate, disparate, desperado
desperate (DES puhr it) (adjective)
Concerning the extreme loss of hope, frustration, or attempts to escape a situation: Caught in the undertow of the tide, Spencer made a desperate attempt to swim to the shore.
disparate (DIS puhr it, di SPAR it) (adjective)
1. Marked by distinct differences or character: Even though the boys were twins, their personalities were disparate.
2. Different from each other; dissimilar; radically different, different in essential qualities: The discussion included topics as disparate as the economy and health care.

The school was composed of students from disparate cultures.

desperado (des" puh RAH doh, des" puh RAY doh) (noun)
A bold bandit or criminal, often associated with the "wild west" of the United States: The desperado was easily recognized by his white horse and silver saddle as he came into town.

The desperado was described as a desperate character or ruffian.

The desperate desperadoes were disparate as to how they should avoid capture by the pursuing police.