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desiccate (DES i kayt") (verb), desiccates; desiccated, desiccating
1. To dry up; to preserve by drying or depriving of moisture; especially, to dry completely: The surgeon removed a suspect mole and thoroughly desiccated the tissue around that area with a needle electrode.
2. To preserve food by drying or dehydrating it: While baking a cake, Elizabeth used a cup of desiccated coconut.

It is a common practice to desiccate apricots.

3. Etymology: from Latin desiccare, "to dry up".
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desiccated (adjective), more desiccated, most desiccated
1. A reference to something from which the water has been removed: The desiccated food products can last much longer than the same produce that has not been dried.

The market is offering some desiccated coconut for customers to try out.

The rain was very welcome because the desiccated land could not produce any crops without the needed moisture.

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