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deserve, deserves, deserving, deserved
1. To have acquired, and so to have, a rightful claim to: "He deserves another chance."

Every defendant in court deserves a fair trial."

2. To be entitled to, in return for services or meritorious actions; or sometimes, for ill deeds and qualities; to be worthy to have: "She doesn't deserve the award."

"He has earned a well-deserved vacation for all of the work he has done."

3. To have earned something or be worthy of something: "The volunteer deserved a medal for coming up with a solution so quickly."

"The guide said that anyone who doesn't use the free map when traveling in the mountains deserves to get lost."

4. Etymology: from the early 13th century, from Old French deservir and Modern French desservir, "to deserve, to be worthy of, to earn, to merit"; from Latin deservire "to serve well"; from de-, "completely" + servire, "to serve".
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