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desecrate (verb), desecrates; desecrated; desecrating
1. To cause harm to something holy, or to do harm to that which is offensive to the religious nature of something: The local vandals were accused of desecrating several graves by throwing paint on the sites at the cemetery.
2. To damage something that is held dear or which is revered: People were warned not to desecrate the flags of any of the countries that were participating in the international sports event.
3. To treat something that has special religious respect to a profane (disrespectful) use or purpose: A homeless street person went into the church, which was open for those who wanted to come in and pray, and desecrated the holy water font by washing his hands and face, which normally is used by worshippers who enter to dip their fingers into and to cross themselves.
To profane or to violate the value and respect.
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To cause physical harm or to damage something that is held dear or which is revered. (1)