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decent, descent, dissent, dissent
decent (DEE suhnt) (adjective)
Suitable, fit, or proper: The workers were on strike for decent and more adequate wages.
descent (di SENT) (noun)
1. The act of going down; a downward drop: The hikers found that their descent was very treacherous because of the loose rocks and tree limbs on the path.
2. A downward incline or passage; a slope: The mountain goats followed the steep descent leading to the meadow below.
dissent (di SENT) (noun)
A disagreement: The fact that Jim and Frank had an occasional dissent, and did not see eye to eye on some subjects, did not spoil their friendship.
dissent (di SENT) (verb)
To disagree, to contradict, to differ in opinion or feeling, or to wrangle: During the debate among the candidates, they often would dissent, or dispute, with each other over certain issues.

The two members of government would often dissent with each other about legal matters; however, they continued to be friends.

Laura wore decent climbing clothes for the challenging descent of the mountain and she certainly didn't dissent with her friend's opinion that it was very scary at times.

descent (s) (noun), descents (pl)
1. A downgrade or slope, particularly of a path or trail: The sign, showing the descent into the village from the top of the mountain, was next to the route the hikers were walking on.
2. A condition of falling, dropping, or moving in a downward manner: All the passengers in the airplane had their seat belts on in preparation for the descent to the landing strip at the airport.
3. A person’s ancestry in terms of relatives or place of birth: Nadine was the only exchange student of German descent who was attending the high school in California for the period of a year.
4. A social or moral decline into a particularly ill-favored situation: The plight of losing his children in the car accident drove Sam into a descent of madness and self-destruction.
5. A violent attack or invasion: During the summer, there was a sudden descent of grasshoppers in the fields of grain and the farmers were completely helpless in trying to save any of their crops.
6. A decline in value or station of life: After Thomas lost his job at the factory, and not being able to find another one, his family experienced a descent into poverty during the following year.
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(Latin: birth, beget; descent, origin, creation, inception, beginning, race, sort; kind, class)
(Greek > Latin: race, kind; line of descent; origin, creation; pertaining to sexual relations, reproduction, or heredity; and more recently, a gene or genes)
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