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derelict (s) (noun), derelicts (pl)
1. A person who is abandoned by society; especially, a person without a permanent home and means of support; a vagrant; a homeless person, a bum.
2. A vessel (a boat or a ship) abandoned in open water by its officers and crew without any hope or intention of returning to it; a ship abandoned on the high seas.
3. Personal property abandoned or thrown away by the owner.
4. Someone who is guilty of neglect of duty: A human derelict is someone who by reason of his/her actions, etc., has been abandoned by respectable people.
5. Etymology: from Latin derelictus, "solitary, deserted"; the past participle of dereliquere. "to abandon, to forsake, to desert"; from de-, "entirely" + relinquere, "to leave behind".
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