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depreciation (s) (noun), depreciations (pl)
1. To reduce or to lower the value of: Runaway inflation has resulted in the depreciations of the currencies of many countries.
2. To belittle, to disparage: Henry always seems to have a depreciation for all of his mother's efforts to help him complete his homework for school.
3. Etymology: from Latin depretiare, "to reduce the price of"; "to make less valuable".
A decrease or loss in value.
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lumen depreciation (s) (noun), lumen depreciations (pl)
The gradual loss of efficacy of a lamp over time, typically caused by the loss of chemical additives in the lamp and wall darkening in the arc tube: Lumen depreciation can be indicated by a curve depicting the pattern of decreasing lucid output.

The florescent illumination in Mildred's kitchen started to flicker, apparently because of the lumen depreciation in the tubes.