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deprave (di PRAYV) (verb), depraves; depraved; depraving
1. To make evil or morally bad or having a corrupting influence on someone: The TV program was taken off the air because many viewers were calling in complaining that it was depraving and corrupting their children.
2. To change for the worse; especially, morally; to corrupt or to pervert: Some talk-show hosts don't seem to realize how they have depraved their words with disgusting and unacceptable vulgarism.
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depraved (di PRAVD) (adjective), more depraved, most depraved
1. Marked by immorality; deviating from what is considered right or proper or good: Rebecca's depraved life style resulted in the court taking her two children, Susan and Tim, away from her and putting them in a foster home.
2. Having shown great moral corruption or wickedness: Jack, the killer, had a depraved disregard for human life.

Judge Smith declared that Alice with her depraved behavior would no longer be allowed to have any more contacts with young teenagers.

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depraved, deprived, deprived
depraved (di PRAYV'd) (adjective)
A reference to having been made morally bad, corrupted, perverted, or morally debased: Burton, the evil character in the book, was morally depraved and violent.
deprived (di PRIGHV'd) (adjective)
Underprivileged: The film told the story of a deprived youth and how he succeeded in life.
deprived (di PRIGHV'd) (verb)
To have denied someone the ownership or usage of something: Whenever Delia is deprived of chocolate, she becomes very upset and is difficult to live with.

The joke in Bennie's family is that if he is deprived of chocolate, he tends to become depraved as if he were starving.

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self-depraved (adjective), more self-depraved, most self-depraved
Corrupted or departing from moral principles by one's decision: The self-depraved business administrator was fired for his harassments of women who worked in his department.
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