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deposit (s) (noun), deposits (pl)
1. Something, such as money, that is entrusted for safekeeping, as in a savings institution: Sharon makes regular deposits to the bank every Friday.

Jason's deposit was made after the commercial house closed and so it would be recorded in the morning.

2. A partial or initial payment of a cost or debt: Mary left a $300 deposit toward the purchase of a stereo system.
3. A sum of money given as security for an item acquired for temporary use: Adam left a considerable sum as a deposit for the purchase of a new car.
4. Something left or lain down; especially, by a natural process; such as, the concentration of mineral matter or sediment in a layer, vein, or pocket: There were rich deposits of oil and natural gas in the area.
5. In physiology, an accumulation of organic or inorganic material; such as, a lipid or mineral, in a body tissue, structure, or fluid: Karl's legs were swollen because of the deposit of excess fluid in his muscles and tissues.
6. A sediment or precipitate that has settled out of a solution: There appeared to be a dark brown deposit at the bottom of the test tube.
7. A coating or crust left on a surface as a result of evaporation or electrolysis: There was a tough deposit on the finish of the old paint that was caused by evaporation.
deposit (verb), deposits; deposited; depositing
1. To put or to drop something somewhere: Timmy and Jamie deposited their coats in the closet.
2. To leave something somewhere for safekeeping: Hans and Gretel deposited their valuables in the hotel safe before they went out for the evening.
3. To pay money into an account in a bank or other financial institution: Darla deposited more cash into her savings account in the month of May than she did in April.
4. To give a sum of money as part-payment or security for something: Mr. and Mrs. Johnson deposited the minimum down payment to guarantee that they would get the car the following week.
5.In nature, to leave or to form a layer of sand, sediment, or other substance, as a gradual process in one place, or be left in this way: Christy and Susan could see the layers of silt deposited by the river.
(Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is the practice of extracting natural gas from underground shale deposits by injecting high-pressure streams of water, sand, and chemicals)
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aeolian deposit, eolian deposit (s) (noun); aeolian deposits; eolian deposits (pl)
Wind-borne soil accumulations: There were a lot of people who had to clean the aeolian deposits off their windows after the severe wind storm finally ended.
alluvial deposit (s) (noun), alluvial deposits (pl)
The accumulation of sediment (mud, sand, etc.) deposited by fresh running water into a channel: The alluvial deposits are controlled by channels, vegetation covers, channel densities, sources of geology, climates, and dirt surface deformations.
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deltaic deposit (s) (noun), deltaic deposits (pl)
A sedimentary deposit consisting of a mixture of sand, clay, and organic matter laid down in a delta.
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estuarine deposit (s) (noun), estuarine deposits (pl)
A sedimentary deposit laid down at the head or floor of the wide part of a river where it flows into an ocean, and characterized by fine-grained, clayey, or silty sediments mixed with decomposed organic matter.
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