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depositary, depository (s) (noun); depositaries, depositories (pl)
depositary (di PAHZ i ter" ee)
The person who receives whatever is to be placed in a safe storage: Henry exercised his functions as a depositary by putting his client's financial documents where they would be secure and readily available when needed.
depository (di PAHZ i tohr" ee)
A facility where things can be placed for storage or safekeeping: Mike placed his money in the bank's night depository.

Each of these terms can correctly be used to refer to a place where something is deposited or left for safekeeping.

A safe deposit box stored in a bank vault is a depository or a depositary.

The term depositary more often refers not to a place for safekeeping, but to a group or even an individual who is entrusted with the preservation of something.

The officers of a bank or the trustees of a museum, for instance, would more likely be depositaries instead of depositories.