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deposition (s) (noun), depositions (pl)
1. Having been forced to leave a high office: Mayor Jackson's deposition from office was a result of ill health.
2. A process in which layers of a substance have formed gradually over a period of time; especially, matter by a natural process: The cut in the road revealed several depositions of soil that had been laid down over the centuries.
3. Something that has been placed in a safe, secure place; such as, in a safe or in a bank: Helena made sure that the deposition of the company payroll was properly completed.
4. In law, a testimony under oath; especially, a statement by a witness that is written down or recorded for use in a court of law at some later date: The lawyer, Mr. Clint, met with Steven, his client, in the hospital in order to take his deposition for the upcoming court appearance he would attend when he was physically able to do it.
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electrodeposition, electrolytic deposition (s) (noun); electrodepositions, electrolytic depositions (pl)
The process of placing a metallic substance on another object: Mr. Dawson,the silversmith, was skilled in processing electrodeposition or electrolytic deposition; especially, when it came to covering objects with silver.

Iris and Ted in the advanced chemistry program studied the electrodeposition or electrolytic deposition of various metals and base metals.