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depend (verb), depends; depended; depending
1. To be affected, or decided, by other factors.
2. To vary according to the circumstances.
3. To hang down, or to be suspended from something; considered to be an archaic usage.
4. To rely on; especially, for support or maintenance: Children depend on their parents for their needs.
5. To place trust or confidence in someone or something: Harry was depending on the word of his co-worker that the project was completed.
This entry is located in the following units: de- (page 31) pend-, -pens, -pense, -pending, -pended (page 2)
(Greek > Latin: depending on chance or luck; pertaining to gambling; rolling of dice; game of hazard or chance)
(a nation that utilizes automation and technology, but which is depending more and more on outsourcing to other nations for the experts in those areas)