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dependence, dependents
dependence (di PEN duhns) (noun)
Reliance, trust: Nadine showed great dependence on the reports that were given in the newspaper.
dependents (di PEN duhnts) (noun)
People who rely on others for support: The tax forms ask the individual to list all the dependents under the age of 16.

The insurance provides coverage for workers and their dependents.

Those who are dependents of the social system for their daily life show considerable dependence on the bureaucracy that administers the system.

dependent (s) (noun), dependents (pl)
1. A family member, or other person, who is supported financially by someone; especially, a person living in the same house.
2. Needing something; such as, having a physical, or psychological, need to use a drug or other substance regularly: Some people are dependent on alcohol, drugs, or the uncontrolled consumption of certain kinds of food.
3. A need to rely on, or to trust, in someone or something for help or support; especially, financial support.
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