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deny (verb), denies; denied; denying
1. To declare that something is not true or is untrue; to contradict: When a friend said that Jane was 50 years old, Jane denied this and said that she was already 52!
2. To refuse to let someone have or to do something: Tim's father denied him the possibility of taking the car because he needed it to go to work that day.
3. To refuse to acknowledge or to recognize someone; to disavow: When the police showed Mike the photo of the culprit, Mike denied having seen him in the shop where the shooting took place.
4. Etymology: from Old French denier, from Latin denegare, from de-, "away" + negare, "to refuse, to say 'no' "; from Old Latin nec, "not", from an Italic base nek-, "not".
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(Latin: no, not; to refuse, to nullify; to deny)