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connote, denote
connote (kuh NOHT) (verb)
To make people think about something in addition to the word's meaning: For me, the word "family" will connote love and comfort.
denote (di NOHT) (verb)
To mean something: The word "derby" can denote a horse race or a kind of hat.

When I see the photograph of the soldiers, it will always connote my ancestors. To them, serving in the military was a way to denote heroism and valor.

denote (verb), denotes; denoted; denoting
Etymology: from Middle French denoter, from Latin denotare, "to mark out"; from de-, "completely" + notare, "to mark".
This entry is located in the following units: de- (page 29) not-, nosc-, nit- (page 1)
(Latin: suffix; quality of, act of, process, function, condition, or place; forms nouns that denote an action; a product of an action; a place, an abode)
(Greek > Latin: a suffix; used in medicine to denote a state or condition of)
(Greek: stroke, wound; used in medicine to denote "a condition resulting from a stroke")