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demilitarize (verb), demilitarizes; demilitarized; demilitarizing
1. To remove or prohibit the presence of soldiers, weapons, and military installations in an area after an agreement has been made to stop military operations: In accordance between the two countries, acceptance of withdrawing all armed forces to demilitarize the region was quickly acted upon during the following months.
2. To eliminate the military character of a zone: All buildings and housing of the soldiers were removed to demilitarize the area.
3. To prohibit military forces or installations in an area: In order to demilitarize the section of the city, all bases, camps, headquarters, etc. of the armed forces were forbidden.
4. To replace military control with civilian control: To demilitarize the area, the politicians agreed on removing all armed forces and power in the area and having the city return to a normal civil life of people not connected with armed forces and services.
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