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degenerate (s) (noun), degenerates (pl)
Someone whose behavior is not socially acceptable or is not morally right: "The police were looking for a group of degenerates who were on a crime spree."

"The degenerate told the elderly woman that he was a police officer and when she let him in, he tied her up and stole her money and jewels and gold coins and then left her tied up."

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degenerate (verb), degenerates; degenerated; degenerating
To change into a worse condition or situation; to become worse, weaker, or more useless: The doctors indicated that as Fay's disease progresses, she will degenerate even faster.

The meeting of the political rivals on TV degenerated into a shouting match and so it was degenerating completely out of control.

To pass from a higher to a lower condition or situation.
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To degenerate from a better condition or situation into something worse, weaker, or more useless. (1)