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defile (s) (noun), defiles (pl)
1. A narrow gorge or pass that restricts lateral movement, as of troops.
2. A march in a line.
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defile (verb), defiles; defiled; defiling
This entry is located in the following unit: de- (page 15)
defile, defile, defile
defile (di FIGHL) (verb)
1. To make filthy or dirty; to pollute: The town sewer was known to defile the river with sewage.
2. To take away or to ruin the purity, honor, or goodness of something or someone important: The vulgar talk of some talk-show hosts defiles the normal acceptability of public communication.
defile (di FIGHL) (verb)
To march off in a line: The students were told to defile into the auditorium for a special presentation.
defile (di FIGHL) (noun)
A narrow passage through mountains; a gorge: The train went through the defile of the mountains as it progressed to the destination.

When the group of hikers were told to defile down the hill and across the defile at the bottom of the valley, it soon became apparent that they would defile their shoes with mud.

(Greek: pollution, stain, contamination; to pollute, to defile, to corrupt)