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defer (verb), defers; deferred; deferring
1. Putting off (action, consideration, etc.) to a future time: The decision has been deferred by the company's president Mr. Hanson until next week.
2. To postpone the process of someone entering a branch of military service: Malcolm wanted to defer joining the military until after he had finished his high school education.
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defer, differ
defer (di FUR) (verb)
1. To put off or to choose to do something at a later time: It is so easy to defer major housecleaning until another day, but it always catches up with just about everyone.
2. To yield to an authority: The social worker agreed to defer to the experience of her supervisor.
differ (DIF ur) (verb)
1. To disagree: As best friends, they would often differ on their interpretations of the books they had read.

Van and Dominick almost always seem to differ with each other on political issues.

2. To be unlike: Even though Bethany and Sadie were twins, they tended to differ from each other in hobbies and sports.

The parents differ in their approach as to how their children should be disciplined.

Krystal said that she must differ with her tax preparer because she did submit her application to defer her taxes until the following year.