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default (s) (noun), defaults (pl)
1. An option that will automatically be selected by a computer if the user does not choose one: Some Canadian computers have a spelling default for North American spelling.

Defaults are important for making computer systems behave in a predictable way without the user having to give lots of "obvious" details.

2. A lack of success in performing a task or in fulfilling an obligation: The default on the mortgage payments was a great concern to the bank.
3. Not showing up at a required court appearance: The plaintiff was found in default of the court by not coming to the trial on time.
4. In sports, non participation in competition or not appearing to complete a competition: The home team won the championship by default because the opposing team didn't show up for the last game.
5. Etymology: from early 13th century, "offense, crime, sin"; then in the late 13th century, "failure, failure to act"; from Old French defaute (12th century), "fault, defect, failure, culpability, lack, privation"; from Vulgar Latin defallita, "a deficiency or failure"; past participle of defallere, from Latin de-, "away" + fallere, "to deceive, to cheat; to put wrong, to lead astray, to cause to be mistaken; to escape notice of, be concealed from".
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default (verb), defaults; defaulted; defaulting
1. Not paying a debt or other financial obligation: Karl has defaulted on his loan.
2. Being unavailable in court although summoned to be there: Polly was fined by the court because she defaulted by not making an appearance as ordered by the judge.
3. Unable to appear for a game of sports or a contest when there was an agreement to do it: The flat tire on the bus caused the team to default on the game to which they were going.
4. With a computer, to use a device, a command, or a file when no other one is specified: Alisa's computer program defaults to a standard font whenever she uses it.
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