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pontocole (verb), pontocoles; pontocoled; pontocoling: deep sea
Living deep in the sea.
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(Deep-sea animals have made attempts to light their cold and dark environments by carrying their own lights on their heads and on every other conceivable part of the bodies; including their eyes and tails and the insides of their mouths. The light they shed is living light.)
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deep-sea vent
A geyser on the sea bottom through which super-hot aqueous solutions rise from the magma beneath the crust.

This creates a surrounding system of mineral-rich water that helps to support a distinctive type of ecosystem not found in typical cold-water environments at the same ocean depth.

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(the study of the deep seas or oceans involves the abyss or the "deep seas" which cover almost two-thirds of the earth's surface; showing applicable scientific terminology in this unit)
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Deep Sea Numerical Statistics
1. Average weight of organisms per square meter (3.28 feet) near the surface: five kilograms (eleven pounds).

By comparison, the biomass at great depths is less than one gram per square meter (3.28 feet); there, the populations are less dense, although the diversity of species is greater.

2. Rate of expansion between tectonic plates under the Arctic Ocean: seven millimeters (.28 inches) a year.

Compare this to the rate in the Pacific, where they separate at a speed of 18 centimeters (7 inches) per year; which is about twenty-five times faster.

3. Average depth of the oceans: 3,729 meters (12,234 feet or 2.32 miles).
4. Average depth of the Pacific, the deepest and largest of all oceans: 4,188 meters (13,740 feet or 2.60 miles).

By itself, it represents nearly half of the expanse of water on earth.

5. Hydrothermal sites discovered in the last 25 years: 100.
—Compiled from and based on information located in
The Deep, The Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss by Claire Nouvian;
The University of Chicago Press; Chicago, Illinois; 2007; page 246.
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Ocean and Deep Sea Terms
A list of deep sea terms.
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Ocean and Deep Sea Terms
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