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deduce, deduct
deduce (di DOOS, di DYOOS) (verb)
1. To trace the course of: Dr. Jenkins asked his intern, "How would you deduce the course of the illness?"
2. To infer by logical reasoning: The medical student stated that he could deduce that the patient had a cold based on his temperature and fever.
3. To conclude from known facts or general principles: The police inspector was able to deduce who was responsible for the accident based on his inspection of the actual scene.
deduct (di DUKT) (verb)
To subtract or to take away: Saul's employer will deduct the taxes from his pay check before it is deposited in the bank.

Dewey said, "I deduct from your statement that you are unable to deduce the cause of my friend's illness and I think that it is essential that another specialist must be able to deduce something."

deduct (verbs), deducts; deducted; deducting
1. To take away or to subtract from a sum or an amount.
2. To derive by reasoning, to infer.
3. To take away a desirable part: Poor plumbing deducts from the value of a house.