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dedication (s) (noun), dedications (pl)
1. The giving up or devoting (of oneself, one's time, labor, etc.) to the service of a person or to the pursuit of a purpose: It is said that dedication and imagination are two very important components to accomplish a goal.
2. The official statement at the beginning of a song or a book, for example, to show the devotedness for a particular person: The book The Ra Expeditions by Thor Heyerdahl has a very short and precise dedication: "To Yvonne"!
3. The act of the authorized opening of a building, a highway or a swimming pool for public use: The dedication of the first swimming pool in Sally's town took place in the summer when it was very warm and the public could use it right away.
4. An act or process of setting something aside for a particular purpose; especially, in a ceremony that achieves this: The dedication service at the new church showed the commitment of its members to have their place of worship.