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decorum (s) (noun), decorums (pl)
1. Propriety and good taste in behavior, speech, dress, etc.: Following the rules of decorum, Leslie made sure that all her guests were introduced as soon as anyone arrived at the party.

The young entertainers were expected to behave with proper decorum on the TV program.

2. Whatever is in accordance with the standard of good breeding; the avoidance of anything unseemly or offensive in manner: While Susan was on the witness stand, she responded to all of the opposing attorney's aggressive questions with remarkable decorum.

Proper behavior in a courtroom requires that everyone address the judge as, "Your Honor".

Dignity and propriety of language and behavior.
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Proper conduct.
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decorum (di KOR uhm, di KOHR uhm) (s) (noun), decorums (pl)
Correct or proper behavior which shows respect and good manners: Court decorum in a court of law requires that all parties address the judge as, "Your Honor" during the trial proceedings.

The people in the TV discussion all showed decorum except for one woman who was always interrupting and denouncing the others for their political viewpoints.

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