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decayer (s) (noun), decayers (pl)
1. The destruction or decomposition of organic matter as a result of bacterial or fungal action; rot: The decayer that was stored in the bin in the back alley was stinking and needed to be removed.
2. Matter which becomes decomposed; such as, vegetation that has become putrid: Heaps of compost and all natural forms of this kind, including leaf mold, rotting seaweeds, etc. are the decayers for breeding many flies.
3. A gradual deterioration to an inferior state; such as, tooth and gum infections: The dentist indicated there was a lot of decayer that needed to be repaired in Jim's teeth and it would require several consecutive appointments to improve his condition.
4. A falling into ruin: The decayer of the inner city was sad to see because so many old regal homes were falling into ruin.
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