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decadence, decadents
decadence (DEK uh duhns, di KAYD ns) (noun)
1. Behavior that shows low morals and an excessive love of worldly pleasure, money, fame, etc.: The book that Karen had condemns the decadence of modern society, which puts more emphasis on how to acquire money without working for it.
2. The characteristic of being artificial or lacking in quality: The court dandy demonstrated decadence in his dress and manner.
decadents (DEK uh duhns, di KAYD ns) (adjective)
To describe those who exhibit low morals and who are only interested in physical or worldly pleasures: The publication condemns some of society's wealthiest members as decadent fools.

In the latest movie about the Revolution, the decadence of the aristocratic decadents was portrayed realistically.