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danger (s) (noun); dangers (pl)
1. Exposure or vulnerability to harm, injury, or loss: The lives of Karen and Karl were in danger when the earthquake struck their area.
2. Someone or something that may cause harm, injury, or loss.
3. Etymology: "power of a lord or master, jurisdiction", from Anglo-French daunger, from Old French dangier, "power to harm, mastery"; alteration of dongier, from Vulgar Latin dominarium, "power of a lord", from Latin dominus, "lord, master"; so, danger is said to be a parallel formation of dominion.
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(Latin: test, tested; try; experiment; risk, danger, dangerous, hazardous)
(The U.S. is in danger of losing its status as the world's greatest talent magnet)
(a danger to both young and old)
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serious danger
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