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cyberspace (s) (noun), cyberspaces (pl)
1. The idea that electronic information exists or is exchanged: In this virtual cyberspace, people can do many of the things they do in "normal" physical domain; that is, interact with other people, shop, read the news, etc.
2. The imaginary world of virtual reality: Computer games often create specialized cyberspaces into which users enter while playing the games and all the actions involved with the games in that world.
3. A computer hookup consisting of a worldwide web of computer circuits use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange: Cyberspace is a conceptual electronic cosmic region unbounded by distance or other physical limitations.
4. Not a real location but rather the "world" created by computers and specifically the internet: It is said that there is a blurry line between free speech and criminality in cyberspace.

When involved with cyberspace, people are dealing with a contrived world that has been formed by the display of data as an artificial three-dimensional area, which the user can manipulate and "move through" by providing certain commands to a computer.

Cyberspace historical origin. Here is an explanation of where the word cyberspace came from.
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