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cyberchondria (s) (noun), cyberchondrias (pl)
1. A reference to people who frantically search on the internet for detailed information about their medical problems, real or imagined: Jim's family was worried about his uncle who appeared to be suffering from cyberchondria and urged him to see his medical physician whenever he thought he was ill.
2. A situation in which people surf the net in a frenzy of health anxiety: Sometimes cyberchondria makes people imagine they are more ill than they really are.
3. Etymology: cyberchondria is a neologism which is derived from the terms cyber- + [hypo]chondria (chronic and abnormal anxiety about imaginary symptoms and ailments).

The element -chondria comes from Late Latin hypochondria, "the abdomen", from Greek hypokhondria (neuter plural of hypokhondrios), from hypo-, "under" + khondros, "cartilage" of the breastbone.

It comes from the ancient belief that the viscera of the hypochondria were the seat of melancholy and the sources of the vapors that caused such feelings.