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discus, discuss, cuss
discus (DIS kuhs) (noun)
The plate of metal or stone thrown in athletic contests: Logan used a stone discus during the sports competition and won a gold medal.
discuss (dis KUHS) (verb)
To talk or to write about: Sam would like to discuss the pros and cons of this topic with Bryce some more.
cuss (KUHS) (verb)
1. Alternative term for the word "curse", to swear or to utter a rude comment: Grover was so upset by the accident that he started to cuss.
2. Using an offensive word, or words, when a person speaks; to swear: Flossie started to yell and to cuss as soon as Jess came into the room.

We should discuss the discus competition that is coming up next week. Harley remembers when he first tried to throw a discus, he dropped it on his foot and he started to cuss.

(Latin: from quatere, to shake, to strike, to beat)