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courier, courier, currier
courier (KOOR ee ur, KUR ee ur) (noun)
A messenger; especially, someone on official diplomatic business: A courier will deliver the government documents in the evening.
courier (KOOR ee ur, KUR ee ur) (verb)
Chiefly British, to use a messenger to send a message, package, etc. to a person or a place: Terrence will courier a package overnight to the office.
currier (KUR ee ur) (verb)
1. Anyone who processes animal hides into leather by soaking, coloring, and who finishes the leather after it has been tanned: Clayton made his living as a currier in the leather processing industry.
2. A person who grooms a horse with a currycomb: The currier uses a square comb with rows of small teeth to curry or to groom his mare giving her a neat appearance.

In Medieval mythology the currier was secretly the courier for the king and he was working in the villages to learn how the people felt about the king.

When the currier had some information to send to the king, he would hire a courier to courier the message safely.