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cure (s) (noun), cures (pl)
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cure (verb), cures; cured; curing
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cure, cure, curé
cure (KYOOR) (verb)
1. To restore a sick person or animal to health: The doctor will try to cure Jane with a new series of medicines.
2. To preserve food; especially, meat or fish, usually by smoking, drying, or salting it, or to be preserved by one of these methods: The farmer will cure the pork for the restaurants.
cure (KYOOR) (noun)
A means of treating or restoring an individual to improved health: It isn't easy to find a cure, or therapy, for Jill's illness.
curé (kyoo RAY, kyoor RAY) (noun)
A parish priest: After the church service, Elvira and Dexter wanted to talk to the curé or clergyman.

The local curé often worked with the local doctor to help cure the ill parishioners.

The parishioners would take food staples to the curé, promising to cure a fish for him later in the winter.

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(Greek: remedy, cure)
(Latin: care, heal, cure; care for, give attention to, to take care of)
(Latin: heal, cure, remedy; physician, doctor; practice of medicine, give medicine to)
(Latin: healthy, whole; by extension: cure, heal, take care of; sound in mind and body)
(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, [a waiting on])
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atmospheric pressure cure (s) (noun), atmospheric pressure cures (pl)
In petroleum engineering, the preparation of petroleum specimens for testing purposes: Atmospheric pressure cure is achieved by aging petroleum samples at normal atmospheric pressure for a given length of time at a specific temperature and humidity.
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