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crop, crop
crop (KRAHP) (noun)
1. A plant or plant product that is grown by farmers: The apple crop is better now than it was last year.
2. An area in the throat of some birds or insects; for example, ants, where food is stored for a time: An ant has a crop where liquid food can be stored and from which it can be passed on to nest mates by regurgitation.

A crop is a pouch-like enlargement of a bird's gullet in which food is partially digested or stored for regurgitation to nestlings.

3. A short and thick quantity of hair on a person's head: Irvin has a thick crop of red, curly hair.
crop (KRAHP) (verb)
1. To cut off the upper or outer parts of something: It is necessary that a barber crops Tim's hair before it gets any longer and we also need to crop the hedge for the same reason.
2. To cut off part of a picture or photograph: Gwen had to crop the photograph so it could fit into the frame.

Tom noticed in the photograph album that there was a photograph of the crop of barley from last year.

The picture was a panorama which someone had tried to crop to fit the page.

(Latin: green crop, grass)
(Greek: seed, seeding; a sowing; a crop; seedtime)