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crescent (adjective) (not comparable)
A curved shape that is wide in the middle and pointed at the ends: "Anywhere in this world, a clear sky makes it possible to easily see the crescent moon which may be either the first quarter or the last quarter of the moon."
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crescent (s) (noun), crescents (pl)
1. Increasing, as the light of the moon seems to increase in size during its first quarter.
2. The crescent of the moon is so called because it is increasing in size from night to night: "A crescent is used with reference to the moon in its first quarter (some dictionaries also say, the last quarter) and it is applied to anything of similar shape."

"Other things resemble the shapes of a crescent; for example, a curved pastry or the curved streets that often present a continuous fa├žade; such as, rows of houses."

3. Etymology: from Latin crescentum, crescens from crescere, "to come forth, to spring up, to grow, to thrive, to swell, to increase in numbers or strength".
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(Greek meniskos > Latin meniscus: a crescent-shaped body, a curved structure, lunar crescent form, semilunar cartilage; diminutive of mene, "moon")
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One of the phases of the moon or the inner planets (Venus and Mercury) as seen from Earth, caused by the relative angles of sunlight and the observer's viewpoint.

From spacecraft, crescent phases of the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have also been see.

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