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cremation (s) (noun), cremations (pl)
1. The burning of a dead body to ashes.
2. The action of burning or cremating; specifically, the reduction of a corpse to ashes as a way of disposing of it in lieu of interment; an instance of this practice.

The psychic viewpoint regarding cremation

Cremation is the process of using fire to burn the corpse shortly after death to purify the atoms of the physical body from the dross negative thoughts impinged within.

Cremation frees the soul-mind more quickly from the magnetic pull of the bone and cell structure to allow the soul-mind to go about its new tasks in the etheric world (invisible space containing many kinds of life forms and many levels of intelligences, all of which are communicating psychiacally with mankind).

Cremation hastens the reduction of material elements of the physical body to the primal elements again.

The Donning International Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary;
June G. Bletzer; The Donning Company Publishers;
Norfolk, Virginia; 1986.
(an abnormal way of getting warm in the freezing conditions of a Canadian winter as expressed by Robert Service)
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Poem: The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service
A poem that describes how Sam McGee finally found physical relief from his painful frigid condition.
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