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credible, creditable, credulity, credulous
credible (KRED uh buhl) (adjective)
Believable, capable of being believed, or worthy of confidence; reliable: During the trial, Eloise was presented as a credible witness for the defense.
creditable (KRED i tuh buhl) (adjective)
Worthy of credit or praise for doing something: Winning the spelling match was the result of the creditable performance by all of the students.
credulity (kri DOO li tee) (noun)
A tendency to believe too readily: The police captain questioned the credulity of the new officer during the investigation of the crime.
credulous (KREJ oo luhs) (adjective)
Inclined to believe almost anything; gullible; naive: The credulous behavior of the young man who had just moved to the city suggested that he was naive.

With the appearance of credulous behavior, Miranda told a credible story of the school competition during which the students gave a creditable performance of a mystery play which stretched the credulity of the audience.

credulous (adjective), more credulous, most credulous
A reference to believing something too easily: When Susan received an e-mail stating that she had won an award of $10,000, she had a credulous feeling that it was true and so she revealed private data in order to collect the funds; all of which resulted her losing money when the sender used the information to withdraw cash from her account.
Gullible and easily fooled.
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Too inclined to believe without adequate evidence.
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Gullible and easily fooled or cheated because of believing something without questioning or making sufficient investigations. (2)