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coo, coup
coo (KOO) (verb)
1. To utter the typical murmuring sound of a dove or pigeon; or a similar sound: Leaning over the baby’s crib, Grandmother began to coo and smile at the baby.
2. To express or to utter fondly or amorously, as with a murmuring sound: The lovers sat on the bench in the park so they could coo with each other without interruption.
coup (KOO) (noun)
1. The sudden overthrowing of a government; literally, "a stroke of state": The change of government was accomplished by a coup, headed by academics from the university.
2. A sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover: The joining of the two major companies was an unexpected coup for the Board of Directors.

The daughter of the union boss was pleased with the coup by the workers during the strike and Jody tried to coo her delight about it to her boyfriend who reciprocated.

coop; coupe, coupé
coop (KOOP) (noun)
A small, enclosed, often crowded pen or holding space: The flock of chickens were kept in the clean coop in the shade of the large tree.
coupe (KOOP), coupé (koo PAY) (noun)
A small enclosed vehicle primarily designed to carry two people which might be horse-drawn or a small automobile: The newly engaged couple went for a drive in the park in a coupe pulled by two beautiful stallions.

When there are too many people riding in the coupe, it can feel like an overcrowded coop.

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coup de grace (s) (noun), coups de grace (pl)
An action or an event that finally ends or destroys something that has been getting weaker or worse: The legislature's decision to stop funding the governor's proposal has administered the coup de grace to any further action on his part.
A decisive finishing stroke.
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