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coruscation (s) (noun), coruscations (pl)
1. A sudden or striking display of luminosity: From her living room window, Sally could see the coruscation of the fireworks which were taking place in the football field in town.
2. An instance of a spark or a small ray of fire: After trying for so long to get their campfire started, Tom and Jerry suddenly saw a flicker of light orĀ coruscation appearing among the sticks on the ground.
3. A subjective sensation of flashing lights or glittering in front of the eyes: After the car accident, Jill seemed to be affected with coruscation because she could only see glowing or scintillating lights when she looked around.
4. A striking display of brilliance or wit: Jack's coruscation was certainly impressive when he was able to say exactly who composed which piece of music just by listening to a few measures of any harmonic composition!
A presentation of a sudden display of knowledge or wit.
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