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corroborate (verb), corroborates; corroborated; corroborating
1. To give or to present evidence of the truth of something: What Jack saw from the street corner corroborated exactly with how the car accident happened.
2. To provide a legal or a formal confirmation to something; such as, a law, a legal act, etc.: The written statement provided by the tenants in court did not corroborate with the owner’s presumption that they were responsible for the leak in the roof.
3. To strengthen an opinion, a statement, or an argument, etc. with additional information that supports what has been presented before: Fortunately Ed’s father was able to corroborate the fact that his son didn't kick the ball through the neighbor's window.
To validate or to confirm a statement or action.
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To make more certain.
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To give additional proof about an accusation.
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To present support for or to strengthen a statement that confirms what has been declared to be true. (3)