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correct (kuh REKT) (verb), corrects; corrected; correcting
1. To amend or to make free from error: Jack was very considerate when he corrected his previous statement, which was based on a misunderstanding as to what Patricia had told him before.
2. To adjust or to improve in order to bring something to a required position: The new wheels of Catherine's car had to be corrected by her mechanic so the alignment would provide safe driving when she drove it again.
3. To remedy; to rectify or make right: Eddie’s blurry vision was wonderfully corrected by his new glasses!
4. To mark errors or flaws on a printed or written text: Mrs. Jones got so tired at her desk while she was correcting the essays that were written by the students in her English class and she was hoping that she would get more accomplished on the weekend.
5. Etymology: from Latin regere, "to guide" which became correctus, the past participle of corrigere, "to straighten".
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