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corporal, corporal, corporeal, corpulent
corporal (KOR pur uhl, KOR pruhl) (adjective)
Bodily, as physical punishment: The teaching manual at the school indicated teachers were NOT to use any kind of corporal discipline on the students.
corporal (KOR pur uhl, KOR pruhl) (noun)
1. A military rank (below sergeant): Elena was very proud to be appointed the first female corporal in her military unit.
2. A white linen cloth on which the consecrated elements are placed during the celebration of the Eucharist: The women of the church committee embroidered the corporal for the priests to use at mass.
corporeal (kor POH ree uhl) (adjective)
Having a material body (not spiritual); tangible: The Food Bank was established to meet the corporeal needs of the neighborhood residents.
corpulent (KOR pyoo luhnt) (adjective)
Fat and fleshy; stout; obese: The doctor advised his corpulent patient to lose weight for the sake of his health.

Corpulence is the survival of the fattest.

—Evan Esar

The corpulent corporeal did volunteer work at the local mission helping to provide corporeal assistance to the poor.

corpulent (adjective), more corpulent, most corpulent
1. Descriptive of someone who is very overweight and so it refers to someone who has a very large and plump body: A corpulent person usually has an obesity that can be dangerous to his or her well-being.

As a very corpulent person, Effie was just too heavy for the motorboat that her husband was trying to navigate on the lake.

2. A formal word that describes an overweight person: If anyone is trying to be respectful when describing a fat man, he or she might refer to him as a corpulent gentleman.
A woman who is significantly over weight is too much for the small boat.
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A man who is significantly over weight is too much for a small boat.
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(Latin: fat, corpulent)
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A reference to someone who is excessively fat. (2)