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cops, cops, copse, Copts
cops (KAHPS) (noun)
A slang expression for policemen: Dwight yelled at the two guys in his yard saying that if they didn't leave right away, he would call the cops.
cops (KAHPS) (verb)
To capture or to win: The announcer shouted excitedly, "The home team cops an unexpected victory!"
copse (KAHPS) (noun)
A grove or planting of small trees: A feature of the fine country estate was the lovely copse of evergreen trees down by the lake.
Copts (KAHPS) (noun)
1. Egyptians belonging to or descended from the people of ancient or pre-Islamic Egypt: While the number of Copts continues to increase, their percentage within Egypt may be slowly declining because of lower birth rates and higher emigration rates, in comparison with Egyptian Muslims.
2. A shortened term for members of the Coptic Church: Copts have had to commute to distant churches or worship by hiding at different homes in Cairo, Egypt.

Restrictions in Egypt have exacerbated sectarian violence and discrimination, say Copts, a 2,000-year-old-denomination that comprises about ten percent of the population.

Several members of the Copts decided to plant a copse of trees in the coulee, but first they had to get permission from the cops to do so.