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coolie, cooly; coolly; coulee
coolie, cooly (KOO lee) (noun)
A poorly paid servant, frequently associated with Asia: In order to pay for his university classes, the young man worked as a coolie during the tourist season.
coolly (KOO lee) (adverb)
Impersonal, lacking in friendliness: Isaac's gaze swept coolly over the crowd as he tried to determine their reaction to his speech.
coulee (KOO lee) (noun)
A typically dry ravine or small canyon or gully: During the thunderstorm, the coulee flooded quickly, creating a danger zone for the tourists who were there.

When the railroad was being built in the coulee, the project manager hired a coolie to work in the kitchen.

Despite Rene's usual good manners, yesterday the project manager seemed to act coolly towards the workers.