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conviction (s) (noun), convictions (pl)
1. A belief or an opinion that is held strongly: Jane’s mother had a conviction that girls and women should always wear dresses or skirts, but not trousers, jeans, or slacks.
2. A firmness of an opinion; such as, something that is said with complete certainty or confidence: Mrs. Smith had a strong conviction that all of the people around the world should have the freedom of speech.
3. An act of finding someone guilty of a crime: The evidence pointed out that a conviction was certain because of Tim's drunk-driving when he was going home after being at the pub.
4. The act or process of persuading or the state of being convinced: The teachers of the school all shared a strong conviction that the principal should call a meeting to discuss and to solve the problems of so many refugees coming to their school all of a sudden.
A strong belief or persuasion.
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