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contumely (s) (noun), contumelies (pl)
1. Contempt and rudeness that comes from being scornful or insulting: Roy used contumelies to express his scorn and disrespect for his political opponent.

A contumely remark is a short, cutting expression that contains blunt words.

2. Etymology: from Old French contumelie, which came from Latin contumelia, "a reproach, an insult"; it is probably related to contumax, "haughty, stubborn"; from com-, "together, together with" + tumere. "to swell up".
Boxer makes scornful remarks to his opponent.
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Scornful rudeness; insulting language or abuse.
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Scornful and rude; language that is abusive.
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Contempt or disrespect, rudeness; being insulting or discourteous. (3)